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Information for Photographers on Digital Imaging

Digizone chart
Instructions for using the Digizone Chart
Download Digizone Acrobat PDF(44K)

Skintone "Calculator"
Download Excel File (14K)
Download PDF File (62K)

Basic Color Recipes
Download Color_Recipes Acrobat PDF (23K)

Image sizing chart
Download Scansizes Acrobat PDF (265K)

Making Digital Submissions more Secure
Creating a "wrapper"

Getting that file from Point A to point B
Mastering File transfers

Protect your Images with this Copyright Action
Instructions to create photoshop action

Burn a Hybrid CDR with picture Icons using Toast
CDR Hybrid master

A filenaming strategy to aid in cataloging your image files
Filenaming (from Controlled Vocabulary)

A way to "intelligently" downsample your high res files
Downsampling (from Controlled Vocabulary)

Pharmer or Fotographer?
Why the stock photographer and farmer have more in common than you might think (on Stock Artists Alliance)

Get better black and whites from your digital images
RGB to Grayscale Conversions (examples on NorthLight-Images)


This page last updated: December 2015
David Riecks